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To Dan’s Run from the Mulberry Bush

To Hare Dan for picking a pub that changed hands the very day before the Hash – and that said they wouldn’t have any beer or food available!
To Dan for persuading them, against all odds, to have beer and food available anyway!
To Phil, not for his magnificent moose, but for his noble dedication to the true spirit of hashing in trying to make sure that Dick went over with him.
To Mike for managing to find the only seat within reach of every plate of food in the pub and staying resolutely there until the last morsel had been scoffed.

To Ade’s Run from the Elephant and Castle

To Jo for a valiant attempt at running Anthony over she drove into the car park
To Hare Ade for setting a short-cutters route of 2.1 miles, and then not letting anyone do it!
To Maggie and Helen for completing the evening by both moosing.

To Dick’s Run from the De Le Spencer Arms

To hare Dick for having the cheek to announce it as a fairly flat run when a) we started at the very top of the biggest hill around, and b) he set a run that both Ade and Sam described in terms of the Great North Face of the Eiger on a bad night.

To Mick’s Run from the Pink and Lilly

To Barney for having the temerity to have yet another birthday

To Helen for her mega zooming throughout the entire hash.  This was the direct cause of the formation of a new hash society of sworn blood brothers – the KHS or “Kneecapping Helen Society”. 

To newcomer and super-FRB John who may well join Helen on the society’s hit list.
To Scribe Dick for his vain attempt to inveigle lady hashers into the wood – and then mentioning it in his own write-up, so that everyone knew about his attempt and his abject failure.
To Jo for being daft enough to march boldly up to the scribe and announce to him that she wanted a … Well you can see what she wanted if you read the Trash.

……..But this Month’s Tosca is a no brainer and goes to Dan for his magnificent effort and spread from the Mulberry Bush.






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