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June 09



Simon’s Run for the Red Lion @ Bradenham

Hare Simon was nominated for taking the hash straight out of car park and immediately up an enormous mega-giant beast of a hill.

To Ade, for overtake the hash with gazelle-like leaps up the hill, followed immediately by his huntsman-like prowess in finding a hidden stump, and his moose-like close-up examination of the earth and a bramble bush just microseconds later.

To Gerry for getting altitude sickness and a nose bleed at the top of the second hill, and having to bail out and find the walkers.

Ken’s run from Smokey Row

To Hare Ken, for managing to take the hash up some even harder, higher hills than Simon had the week before.

To Jo for her frank and open discussion about her highly vigorous views on sex.

To Ken for finding a trail that took us through a Bronze age Hillfort, an abandoned medieval village and a roman villa – but then not yet making up a song about all of those houses we could have seen from there.

To Maggie’s Run from the Beech Tree

To Maggie, despite the suspect forecast, for arranging the weather to be so much better than it was the last time she took us to the Beech Tree - when it chucked it down in bucket loads!

To the publican for making the hash wait longer to get our drinks than any publican ever in the entire history of hashing.

To Jo for being so late she missed the run – despite the fact that the pub is within easy walking distance of her home.

To Roger’s run from the Full Moon

To Roger for (again) finding a pub that is on the far distant side of the back of beyond.

To Sarah for her ankle-twisting moose within yards of setting off, so that she only had a few yards to hobble before she could get a drink in the pub.

To Jo for her joke “ What’s large, grey and sings “A fine romance”?  - Elaphants Gerald.

To Helen for examining the GM’s bum in minute detail just because she wasn’t tall enough to see out over the crop growing on either side of the path.

To Jo’s run from the Crown

To Tom for not turning up ‘cos he had sneezed on the Hash the week before  - and given himself a whiplash!

To Hare Jo for a particularly mean and evil twist at the end of the hash from within sniffing distance of the pub - that took everyone down (and up) the side of a dirty great and uncalled-for extra mountain.

And for two events not on the hash itself

First to Dick, for sorting out a team for the Ridgeway relay which was the in first hash team in,  OK admittedly there were only two hash teams, but first is first.

And secondly to Anthony for his scrumptious and sociable post-Thame 10k BBQ - and also for arranging it on such a splendidly sunny day.

So this month’s winner is Dick for the Ridgeway relay






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