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Mike & Judy’s Run from the Jolly Cricketers  - 3 March
Although Mike won the Tosca for this run last month, he gets several new nominations - some for the atrocious weather but most from the many people he left scattered across the countryside.
To Gerry, Ade and Dan.  To Gerry for going back after lost people who, it turned out, weren’t lost.  To Ade for going back to try to find Gerry, who did become lost and to Dan for going back to look for Ade, who wasn’t lost.

To Barney’s run from King William IV – 10 March
To Barney, for the excellent chips.
To Barney again as the chips were REALLY excellent.
To Mike (of Judy fame) for managing to include Machu Pichu, Greece, the Italian Alps, the Old Bull and Bush and the German for “Put your hands up” all in a write-up about Speen!

To Jane’s Virgin HWH3 Haring from the Crown at Penn – 17 March
To Mick for twisting a knee and needing Aud and two helpmates to short cut the short route and escort him back to the pub.
To hare Jane for the fiendish trick of having a pleasant smooth trail all the way to the LS split – then giving the Long Cutters the trail from hell  - with steep ankle-twisting boulder strewn  trails, deep shiggy and a trail so long that some of the long cutters missed the (very good) chips at the end.

To Gerry’s Run from the Pineapple @ Dorney – 24 March
To scribe Jane for using of a Dictaphone in public where everyone could see her doing it.
To Mick for map reading skills well below the call of duty – meaning that the long cutters had to wait for the short cutters ‘cos of the huge unnecessary loop Mick had taken them around.
To Helen, for squealing for joy at the prospect of an on-back down the only hill on the entire route.

But this month’s Tosca winner is Jane for her long-route from Hell.







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