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MAY 09


May 2009 Tosca Nominations

Aud’s run from the Blackwood Arms
To Simon: for his ingenious write-up, that left half the hash wondering what he was talking about, but the other half appreciating the way he had done it.
To Kerry: for shocking the hash to its roots by taking her first ever long cut.
To Helen: for running like a Gazelle - ie on all fours, jumping through bushes - which is probably how she twisted her ankle.
To Mick: for a “5 mile hash” that was 7.2 miles long.
To Mike: for his extraordinary fashion sense, not to mention his incredibly lurid green shorts.

Tracey’s Run from the Hit and Miss
To Mick: for his deeply impenetrable “Rab C Jones / Nesbit” style write up – which I am sure would have been brilliant if only I could have understood a word of it.
To hare Tracey: for the excellent and numerous chips afterwards.

To Mark / Gerry’s run from the Dashwood
To hare Mark: for going to see the Doctor instead of setting and running his own hash.
To Jo: for spending the evening explaining, in graphical detail, exactly where her knickers rubbed when she was wearing a pair that were too tight for her.
To the Hash Trash Editor: for editing out Jo’s comments about the Elastoplast with holes in it - as it could have led the entire hash into having nightmares.
To Roger: for stitching-up Jo and giving the editor the low-down on exactly what Jo had said.

To Phil’s run from the white horse
To Phil: for a delightful run through acres of dead Bluebells.
To Phil and Roger: for drawing extra attention to the contours of Helen’s bum by highlighting it tastefully with flour.
To Helen: for getting her own back on them in her own inimitable ways (we hope Phil managed to get the flour of his crotch before he had to explain it to Janet, and that the wheals Helen left on Roger’s derrière have healed by now).

And this month’s Tosca goes to  …… Kerry for her first ever long-cut hash, (Not to mention hashing on her 19th wedding Anniversary!).





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